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Vertex Hacks is a

36-hour hackathon for every

Nepali students to together.

in-person hackathon @Kathmandu, Nepal.

the tracks

Embrace the journey togther with us to solve a real world problem selected by professionals.

  • accessibility
  • healthcare
    health care
  • education
  • local promotion
    local promotion
  • agriculture
Partcipants are free to choose any tracks and use any technologies they are comfortable with to solve a secret problem statement from any of the tracks above.

the prizes

Participating is a key step towards winning...

  • trophy
    overall winner
  • medal
    overall 2nd
  • medal
    overall 3rd
  • augmented reality
    best use of ar/vr
  • artificial intelligence
    best use of ai/ml
  • web3
    best use of web3
  • cloud
    best use of cloud

sponsored prizes

Do use any of the following technology in your project to qualify for extra awards.

Sponsored prizes are on the way. Till then stay

our judges

Judges of our hackathon will be announced soon. Stay Tuned!!

our sponsors

in association with
silver sponsors
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community partners
supporting partners
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cake partner

You can also be a part of our hackathon, by sponsoring our event. To sponsor us, please drop us a mail at

Event Schedule

Schedule of our hackathon will be announced soon. Stay Tuned!!


What is hackathon?

A hackathon is best described as an “invention marathon”. You have a specific time (here 36 hours) to think of an idea, prototype, and develop your tech product that solves the themes of the hackathon.

How much is the registration cost for hackathon?

It's completely free all you need to participate in our hackathon is enthusiasm.

When is the application deadline?

The deadline for applying at Vertex Hacks is on January 1, 2023.

Is there any theme at Vertex Hacks? If yes, what are they.

At Vertex Hacks, we have 5 tracks viz. Accessibility, Health Care, Agriculture, Health, Education, and Local Promotion and each track has a secret problem statement that you should solve at our hackathon.

What is the secret problem statement in each tracks?

So, it is a secret even to the organizing members. We want to make our hackathon very fair to all, so we have panel of judges in each tracks and they will be deciding a problem statement that they have faced. And the statement will only be released at the first minutes of hackathon. This is also to ensure that the whole process of developing your project takes place within 36 hours from brainstorming, to prototyping and developing.

What technologies can I use?

Our hackathon welcomes every technology you prefer. It does not matters what programming languages or what technology you are using, only your approach to solving the problem statements matters.

Which programming language is preffered?

Again, the programming language that you are using doesn't matters until and unless you are solving the problem statement in each track.

How can I register at hackathon?

You can visit and click on the Apply with Devfolio button, fill up the every section in the form and you are good to go.

I am having trouble with the form. What should I do?

Don't worry we always have your back. Just hop into our discord server and we will be there for you resolving your question.

Should I need a team to participate?

At Vertex Hacks, we do not only code but also have many fun mini-events which requires team mates and we also want to see your team working skills that's why we need a team of 3 to 5 members to participate.

What if I don't have a team? Can I participate solo?

At the main event, we require you to be with your team at least of 4. But if you don't have your team don't worry, you can register individually, hop into our discord server, network with other folks like you and create your own team.

I submitted my application as a individual, what can I do now?

You can just withdraw your application, and you will see two options either you can create your own team or join others team by entering their team code.

Can a plus two students participate at Vertex Hacks?

Yes of course. We invite every tech enthusiast out there to apply at Vertex Hacks. The one and only criteria is you should not have crossed one year after your graduation from Bachelor's degree.

I am not studying a tech related subject like computer engineering. Can I participate?

Our hackathon is open for everyone despite of your education stream. If your studying any fields other than IT, you can also participate at our hackathon. Infact we encourage you to participate at our hackathon.

I just graduated my Bachelor's degree. Can I participate?

You are eligible to apply if it have not been one year till the the date of hackathon since you graduated from your Bachelor's program.

Can I come with my old project? But I will make some advancement at hackathon.

Our belief is the 36 hour of hackathon involves every steps of developing your application including brain storming to developing. So, using any of your old project may result in your disqualification. And also another fact is that we have a secret problem statement in each track you have to address so, your old project might not fit because of this too.

I have no programming experience. Can I join?

Yes of course. We are also organizing several pre-events that includes workshop before hackathon to help the first timers to attain our hackathon and hack together with us.

And our hackathon is in January so, you have plenty of time to sharpen your's as well as your's team skills.

I am an outside valley student, but can't afford to travel to valley for this hackathon. Can I join?

Our aim with this hackathon, is to make it diverse and inclusive so, we are providing you accommodation and travel scholarships to every outside valley students at Vertex Hacks.